Missing On Sleep Can Increase Cancer Risk

Sleep is an important part of daily life. It provides the body the means to recharge and recover after going through a tough day of activities and stress. The problem that most people face today is that a majority do not get sufficient sleep. People should think twice this time about not getting enough sleep as a recent studies indicates that lack of sleep may also increase cancer risk.

Increases Prostate Cancer Risk In Men

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Iceland indicates that lack of sleep not only affects quality of life but also will lead to increased risk of prostate cancer. The researchers followed over 2,100 older men where 8.7 percent and 5.7 percent reported severe to very severe sleep problems, respectively. The researchers reported that none of the participants suffered from prostate cancer at the start of the said study. Within 5 years, about 6.4 percent of the participants developed prostate cancer. From this figure, the researchers found out that the participants having problems falling asleep or staying asleep were more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Increases Breast Cancer Risk In Women

Another study also showed that women may also suffer from the same fate but from a different form of cancer. Researchers from the University Hospitals Case Medical Center found out that lack of sleep can become a risk factor for recurring breast cancers in women. The researchers collected data from 412 women who were diagnosed with pre-menopausal breast cancer. The researchers took notes about their average hours of sleep each night. The collected data along with analysis of their medical records showed a link between the amount of sleep and cancer recurrence. Women who took an average of six hours or less sleep each night are more susceptible to cancer recurrence compared to women who average more hours of sleep per night. The researchers suggest that improving the quality of sleep can help breast cancer patients to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence as well as the development of aggressive forms of breast cancer.

These studies indicate that quality of sleep may have a bigger role in a person’s health than previously expected. Because of the new findings, cancer prevention may now include improved sleeping habits as valuable advice to impart to people. Getting enough sleep daily is a healthy habit worth following.
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