Lack of Sleep Results In Insulin Resistance in Teens

It has been known that sufficient sleep plays an important role in a person’s health. In the case of teenagers, sleep may be associated with a lot of conditions. In a recent study, the amount of sleep that teens get could affect their body’s insulin resistance that can also determine the development of diabetes in […]

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Chicago Fire Officer Succumbs to West Nile Virus

A Chicago Fire Department lieutenant died Thursday (October 4) from West Nile virus, which he contracted from a mosquito bite two weeks prior. Lt. Thomas Flahive, 58, was bitten by mosquito during a family trip to Wisconsin, according to the city’s Fire Media Affairs Director Larry Langford. The firefighters of Engine Company 108 from the […]

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Upcoming Cold Weather Seen To Slow Down West Nile Virus

With the country already experiencing the worst West Nile virus epidemic since 2002, slowing it down seems to help provide some relief to many concerned individuals. With the cold weather slowly coming in, it is expected to slow down the virus from creating new cases. This will help ease down many worries over the seemingly […]

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Alberta Reports First West Nile Death Since 2007

The Canadian province of Alberta has confirmed that one of its residents died due to West Nile virus), the first since 2007. The Alberta Health Services did not reveal much about the victim, except that the casualty lives in the southern part of the province. As of this posting, there are 10 cases of West […]

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People With Severe Psoriasis Nearly Twice at Risk for Diabetes

Researchers from UC Davis found a strong correlation between people suffering from severe psoriasis and diabetes risk. An analysis of results coming from 27 different studies and involving around 314,000 individuals indicates a link between the skin condition with the blood sugar disorder. The findings are published in the Archives of Dermatology. Psoriasis is a […]

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